Company careers

When the Kitek company was founded, we were looking for highly qualified programmers. Extensive experience in large companies prompted the Kitek founders that you should not save on employees, because for our company every project and every client was important.

We were offering flexible working conditions and pay to attract the best. Of course, we were interested in having employees stay with us as long as possible, making a career and developing in our company.

Now the company Kitek has an excellent team of highly skilled specialists who are able to solve a wide range of tasks. Due to the distribution of the team, Kitek can perform work up to 20 hours a day without interruptions, which allows our clients to receive high-quality and fastest results.

The largest of our remote offices are located in the scientific center Akademgorodok not far from Novosibirsk in Siberia, in it, we offer flexible conditions and high wages. We recruit to this office highly skilled programming professionals with a different stack of technologies and work experience.

Our headquarters in Melbourne, Australia is engaged in quality assessment and standardization of written code. Here we need specialists in management and high-class specialists with extensive programming experience. We offer comfortable working conditions and friendly staff.

We also offer exclusive working conditions for specialists and the opportunity to work remotely in cities and countries where we do not have offices.

If you are interested in working for our company, please contact us.