Our services

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    Custom Web & Mobile Development

    If you are a start-up or a business with needs where products on the IT market do not meet certain requirements or are unable to solve specific tasks, we can develop a custom solution for you.

    Our company provides a full range of services, we can develop both mobile and web applications, as well as desktop applications. We offer product development from scratch and help with the development of your existing products as well as custom web development service. 

    Our employees are constantly improving their skills, therefore they are able to offer app developer services based on the best and most advanced IT solutions and methods.

    Our company can offer excellent prices and high-quality services.

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    Business Process Automation

    Automation of business processes is the implementation of a software system that performs typical procedures using modern algorithms. Thanks to such innovations, the level of work of the enterprise are qualitatively increased.

    Our Business process automation services will help:

    • Exclude routine and monotonous manual labour;
    • Process and transmit the information much faster;
    • Set your whole enterprise in single information space;
    • Receive reports and documents generated automatically;
    • Allow you to do your work more accurate, complete and consistent;
    • Standardise your organisation workflow and information and regulatory framework.


    Highly qualified Kitek specialists will help you choose the most efficient way to organise business process automation. Will help with the choice of technology, analyse and implement. They will help to master new technologies and create the most convenient product.

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    Website Development & Marketing

    If you are a start-up or a business that has been around for a while and in need of getting an attractive website and promote it to the specific auditory, we are happy to help!

    We offer full turn-key solutions and the best web development service including company and/or product brand development, web design, website implementation, SEO optimisation, Google Ads marketing campaign planning and execution and advertising via social networks.

    Kitek will also help you define right hosting solution and content management framework for your website and work with you through all the steps, from domain registration and company/product identity development to website running online and connecting you with potential customers. We also offer web application development service to help you stay ahead.

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    Business Intelligence

    If you want to make the right business decisions, Kitek is happy to help!

    Kitek offers best business intelligence services where we define the information required, data sources and implement a solution for collecting, analysis and representation of the data in such a way that you will be able to stay at the top of your business.

    We also provide custom reporting subsystems development and reporting suite implementation for existing BI frameworks. Our specialist will define or use your ideas to implement real-time and ad-hoc reports to provide you with a better view of the performance of your business.