Health motivation web and mobile applications with gamification and business intelligence elements.

Project tasks


  • Develop web and mobile applications to support ritualize community
  • Develop reporting sub-system for customers to monitor the engagement and the impact to employees' wellbeing from participating in the program



Ritualize is a health and wellness community passionate about giving you all the tools and resources to become a better you

The process is simple:

  • Assess yourself with the BioAge test
  • Make changes using Goals, Rituals & the 80/20 Lifestyle
  • Stay on track through quests, trackers & social nudging

The 80/20 Lifestyle helps you to make long term positive change

Ritualize will help you to assess yourself, make small changes and stay on track - no matter what your starting point is.

You are what you repeatedly do and ritual boards makes it easy for you to create and track a series of small habits that lead to big results over time.

Access all of our lifestyle tools on a range of devices, with leaderboards, lifestyle education, challenges, exercises and more to keep you on track.

With Ritualize you can track your steps, sleep and perform GPS tracked exercises. Ritualize offers activity data synchronisation with Apple Health app and a variety of external devices.